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Ballast Point Light (site)

Location: the channel entrance to the harbor of San Diego near San Diego, CA

Photo by: USCG
Source: USCG

About Ballast Point Light (site)

The location of the light was the channel entrance to the harbor of San Diego. The nearest city is San Diego, CA. The station was first established in 1890. The final lighthouse was first lit in 1890.

The lighthouse was a square tower attached to a house. The tower height was 34 ft.

Open to the Public?: No    Active?: Destroyed

Ballast Point is a tiny peninsula extending from Point Loma into the channel entrance to the harbor of San Diego. The lighthouse was torn down in 1960; the site is now on the grounds of Naval Base Point Loma.

Presently off of Ballast Point, is an automated light operating at Ballast Point on a piling in the water. It is listed as USCG number 6-1570, showing a white flash every four seconds. A daymark and a fog horn are also installed. The Fresnel lens from the Ballast Point Lighthouse is on display in the musem adjacenet to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse.

Today's Conditions on Site

Astronomical Info.

Astronomical Dawn: 5:24 am
Sunrise: 6:50 am
Sunset: 5:11 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 6:37 pm

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