Cape Disappointment Light

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Cape Disappointment Light

Location: Mouth of the Columbia River in Cape Disappointment State Park near Ilwaco, WA
Photo by: Jim Tracy
Source: USBeacons

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About Cape Disappointment Light

The location of the light is Mouth of the Columbia River in Cape Disappointment State Park. The nearest city is Ilwaco, WA. The station was first established in 1856. The current lighthouse was first lit in 1856.

The lighthouse is a white conical tower with a black band in the middle.

The tower has alternating white and red lights at a focal plane height of 220 ft above mean high water. The light has a nominal range of 21 nautical miles. The tower height is 51 ft. The light has a period of 30 seconds.

Open to the Public?: Grounds Only    Active?: Yes

Identification number: 6-695 (U.S.)

The lighthouse is part of Cape Disappointment State Park

0.2s W fl 14.8s ec.
0.2s R fl 14.8s ec.

Range: White 21nm, Red 19nm

Cape Disappointment sees nearly three and a half months of thick fog each year, and just like at Point Reyes, the Pacific Ocean has a lot to do with it. Washington is the most overcast state in the Union and sees 165 foggy days a year on average.

The light was automated in 1973.

An 'alternating' light is a light showing different colors as it rotates. So in the 30 second period, the light alternates between white and red every 15 seconds.

Photo by: Jim Tracy
Source: USBeacons
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