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Cobb Point Bar Light Station (site)

Location: off Cobb Island at the western entrance to the Wicomico River near Newburg, MD
Body of Water: Potomac River
Source: USCG

About Cobb Point Bar Light Station (site)

The location of the light was off Cobb Island at the western entrance to the Wicomico River. The nearest city is Newburg, MD. The station was first established in 1889. The final lighthouse was first lit in 1940.

Open to the Public?: No    Active?: Destroyed

Identification number: 3-17300 (U.S.)

The lighthouse was commissioned on December 25, 1889. The light had a fourth order Fresnel lens that displayed a fixed white light with red sectors on the glass. The cost of the lighthouse was $15,000. The lighthouse was demolished in 1940 after being heavily damaged by fire in 1939. The current light is a small navigation beacon mounted on an 18ft tower on the original foundation. The current light flashes a green light every 4 seconds.

NOTE: Sectors of colored glass are placed in the lanterns of some lights in order to produce a system of light sectors of different colors. In general, red sectors are used to mark shoals or to warn the mariner of other obstructions to navigation or of nearby land. Such lights provide approximate bearing information, since observers may note the change of color as they cross the boundary between sectors.

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