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Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer

Location: Duluth Harbor / Lake Superior near Duluth, MN

About Duluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer

The location of the light is Duluth Harbor / Lake Superior. The nearest city is Duluth, MN. The station was first established in 1901. The current lighthouse was first lit in 1901.

The tower has a fixed green light at a focal plane height of 44 ft above mean high water. The light has a nominal range of 17 nautical miles.

Open to the Public?: No    Active?: Yes

Identification number: 7-15845 (U.S.)

The Duluth South Breakwater Outer Light is a lighthouse at the end of the south breakwater of the Duluth Ship Canal. It forms a range with the Duluth South Breakwater Inner Light. The light was automated in 1976.

Today's Conditions on Site

Astronomical Info.

Astronomical Dawn: 5:59 am
Sunrise: 7:45 am
Sunset: 4:55 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 6:42 pm

Additional Conditions.

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