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Gardiners Point Light (ruins)

Location: Gardiners Point Island just 1.5 miles north-northwestward from Gardiners Island near East Hampton, NY

Photo by: Jim Tracy
Source: USBeacons

About Gardiners Point Light (ruins)

The location of the light was Gardiners Point Island just 1.5 miles north-northwestward from Gardiners Island. The nearest city is East Hampton, NY. The station was first established in 1855. The final lighthouse was first lit in 1855.

The lighthouse was a cylindrical tower.

The tower had a light at a focal plane height of 30 ft above mean high water.

Open to the Public?: No    Active?: Destroyed

Originally the island was connected via a shoal to Gardiners Island. In 1854, construction began on the lighthouse. When the light was lit in 1855, it was Long Island's first lighthouse to be built with a Fresnel lens. In March 1888, a strong storm separated Gardiners Point from the rest of the island. Gardiners Point has shrunk to only big enough to support the ruins of a portion of Fort Tyler and the old lighthouse. It is barely 500ft long at low tide. In 1894, a storm damaged the lighthouse, which was left to fall into the sea.

In 1938, Franklin Roosevelt declared the island a National Bird Refuge and transferred to the Agriculture Department.

During World War II the fort was used for target practice and was reduced to its present state where it is popularly called "The Ruins." The island is off limits due to possible un-exploded ordinance.

Photo by: Jim Tracy
Source: USBeacons

Today's Conditions on Site

Astronomical Info.

Astronomical Dawn: 5:33 am
Sunrise: 7:09 am
Sunset: 4:51 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 6:28 pm

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