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Green Island Lighthouse, OH

Location: Green Island near Middle Bass, OH
Body of Water: Lake Erie
Source: National Archives

About Green Island Lighthouse, OH

The location of the light is Green Island. The nearest city is Middle Bass, OH. The station was first established in 1854. The current lighthouse was first lit in 1865.

The lighthouse is a two story limestone residence with a square tower.

Open to the Public?: No    Active?: No

On December 31, 1863 the 1855 lighthouse (which was a wooden structure) caught fire and was destroyed. The Keeper and family survived the bitter cold night in an outhouse.

In 1864, construction began on a new lighthouse to be built with limestone. The light was first lit in July 1865. The light was automated in 1926.

In 1939 a new 80ft tall steel tower, considerably taller than the old light, was erected on the extreme southwest corner of the island. The 1864 light was discontinued. At some point part of the island was carelessly set ablaze by fishermen. The fire left only the tower and the shell of the house. Today the trees completely surround and cover the 1864 lighthouse. The 1939 steel tower light is still active.

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