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Jeffrey's Hook (Little Red) Light

Location: below the east side of the George Washington Bridge near Manhattan, NY
Body of Water: Hudson River

Photo by: Jim Tracy
Source: USBeacons

About Jeffrey's Hook (Little Red) Light

The location of the light is below the east side of the George Washington Bridge. The nearest city is Manhattan, NY. The station was first established in 1889. The current lighthouse was first lit in 1921.

The lighthouse is a red conical tower. The tower height is 40 ft. The light has a period of 3 seconds.

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Identification number: 1-37668 (U.S.)

The lighthouse stands on Jeffrey’s Hook, a small point of land that supports the base of the eastern pier of the George Washington Bridge. After the bridge was completed in 1931, it was determined that the lighthouse was no longer needed and it was deactivated in 1947. It was scheduled for demolition, however, the children's book popularized the little lighthouse dwarfed by the bridge, and the millions of children who loved The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge spoke out saving it from destruction. It was later deeded to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

A 'flashing' light is a light in which the total duration of light in a period is shorter than the total duration of darkness and the appearances of light (flashes) are usually of equal duration. So in the 3 second period, the light is on for less than 1.5 then off for more than 1.5.

Jeffrey's Hook (Little Red) Light was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 29, 1979, reference number 79003130.

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Astronomical Info.

Astronomical Dawn: 5:40 am
Sunrise: 7:16 am
Sunset: 4:59 pm
Astronomical Dusk: 6:35 pm

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