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Lae O Ha La'au Point Light

Location: SW point of Moloka'i. near Moloka'i, HI

About Lae O Ha La'au Point Light

The location of the light is SW point of Moloka'i.. The nearest city is Moloka'i, HI. The station was first established in 1882. The current lighthouse was first lit in 1972.

The tower has a flashing white light at a focal plane height of 151 ft above mean high water. The light has a nominal range of 7 nautical miles. The tower height is 20 ft. The light has a period of 2.5 seconds.

Open to the Public?:    Active?: Yes

Lighthouse was a white stone tower with a red lantern. In 1912, the light was automated and placed on 20 cast iron pyramidal skeleton tower. In 1972, a solar powered light was installed on 20 steel pole with diamond shaped dayboard.

A 'flashing' light is a light in which the total duration of light in a period is shorter than the total duration of darkness and the appearances of light (flashes) are usually of equal duration. So in the 2.5 second period, the light is on for less than 1.25 then off for more than 1.25.

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