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Manistee (North Pierhead) Light

Location: Manistee River entrance near Manistee, MI
Body of Water: Lake Michigan

About Manistee (North Pierhead) Light


The location of the light is Manistee River entrance. The nearest city is Manistee, MI. The station was first established in 1875. The current lighthouse was first lit in 1927.

The lighthouse is a cylindrical white tower.

The tower has a flashing green light at a focal plane height of 55 ft above mean high water. The light has a nominal range of 12 nautical miles. The tower height is 39 ft. The light has a period of 6 seconds.

Open to the Public?: Grounds Only    Active?: Yes

Identification number: 7-18450 (U.S.)

HORN: 1 blast ev 15s (2s bl).
Fog signal operates by keying the microphone five times on VHF-FM CH 83A.

The light was automated in 1927.

A 'flashing' light is a light in which the total duration of light in a period is shorter than the total duration of darkness and the appearances of light (flashes) are usually of equal duration. So in the 6 second period, the light is on for less than 3 then off for more than 3.

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