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Point Reyes Light

Location: Gulf of the Farallones near Inverness, CA
Source: USBeacons

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About Point Reyes Light


The location of the light is Gulf of the Farallones. The nearest city is Inverness, CA. The station was first established in 1870. The current lighthouse was first lit in 1870.

The lighthouse is a 16-sided pyramidal tower.

The tower had a flashing white light at a focal plane height of 265 ft above mean high water. The light had a nominal range of 20 nautical miles. The tower height is 37 ft. The light had a period of 5 seconds.

Open to the Public?: Yes    Active?: No

Identification number: 6-385 (U.S.)
Identification number: G4356 (International)

Emergency light of reduced intensity when main light is extinguished. HORN: 1 blast ev 30s (3s bl), operates continuously.

The lighthouse is a twin of the Cape Mendocino Light. Click here to read the lighthouse brochure from the National Parks Service.

Point Reyes is considered the windiest place on the Pacific Coast and the second foggiest place on the North American continent averaging 200 foggy days per year. Only Grand Banks, Newfoundland has more foggy days in North America. Weeks of fog, especially during the summer months (July - early September), frequently reduce visibility to hundreds of feet and winds over 40 mph are not uncommon in spring (April-June) and in winter storms (Dec-Feb).

The light was automated in 1975.

A 'flashing' light is a light in which the total duration of light in a period is shorter than the total duration of darkness and the appearances of light (flashes) are usually of equal duration. So in the 5 second period, the light is on for less than 2.5 then off for more than 2.5.

Point Reyes Light was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on Sept. 3, 1991, reference number 91001100.

Source: USBeacons
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